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The irrepressible joy of shakubuku must be shared and here it is! Shakubuku is the noblest and unsurpassed action a person can undertake in life~ It is also the essential action needed for one to reveal the highest and unlimited potential inherent within one's life~ Let's learn about shakubuku together, take action, and do our best as youthful flagbearers of the 21st Century and true disciples of Ikeda Sensei!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I, Toda, will do kosen-rufu by all means

"I see. Please don't cry. Why should you be sad when you are practising shakubuku, or propagation, the most sublime dedication one can pursue in this lifetime? You are somewhat obstinate, I take it. No Buddha or bodhisattva can be obstinate. Shakubuku is the action of the Buddha. It is the practice of mercy itself. In performing it, you may feel that you are being ridiculed. You may be angered over the argument that your subject did not dare state: 'Your fine words cannot be justified by what you are now.' You may become vexed and sad all at once. Naturally, you then become obstinate. You are thereby, however, replacing the practice of the Buddha with that of a common mortal. We ordinary human beings can attain Buddhahood only when, donning the armor of perseverance, we perform shakubuku for the salvation of the people in the Latter Day of the Law.

"The Daishonin identified shakubuku in this age as being the most difficult act of all. It is only our Soka Gakkai that is translating this most difficult act into practice in the turbulent age of the Latter Day, is it not? However people may ridicule and scorn us at present, you will never deserve to be called a disciple of the Daishonin if you are upset by these people. The time will surely come when they will repent. This will be the precise moment of kosen-rufu. The Daishonin stated that kosen-rufu can be attained 'as surely as an arrow aimed at the earth cannot miss the target.' We are making the greatest contribution to the future of our society, Japan, and the world. You must have more confidence in yourself - for the sake of your own human revolution in the future.

"I, Toda, will do kosen-rufu by all means, no matter what people may say. If you practise shakubuku sincerely to the limits of your abilities, then you are doing fine in shakubuku. You will no doubt obtain prodigious good fortune. Whether the other person will take up faith or not depends on his own will. You are not in the least responsible for it. In any case, you should not become obstinate. The Daishonin promised that you will obtain the same benefits whether or not the other person is converted. There are, in fact, two types of shakubuku - to tell others of true Buddhism, and to make them believe in it. You must have much more confidence in shakubuku, the most sublime practice of our day. In the ten thousand years of the Latter Day of the Law, at present and in the future, the only way for the people to attain Buddhahood is through the practice of shakubuku."

The Human Revolution Vol. 5 (World Tribune Press), pgs. 54-55 (Overwhelming Joy Chapter)


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