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The irrepressible joy of shakubuku must be shared and here it is! Shakubuku is the noblest and unsurpassed action a person can undertake in life~ It is also the essential action needed for one to reveal the highest and unlimited potential inherent within one's life~ Let's learn about shakubuku together, take action, and do our best as youthful flagbearers of the 21st Century and true disciples of Ikeda Sensei!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How to Do Shakubuku?

1) Firmly state the "justice or truth" of Buddhism
No matter how the other person may react, only through your firmly stating the truth of Buddhism can you enable him or her to establish a connection with Buddhism, and that is the most important thing. In other words, to create a link to Buddhism with this other person. Our holding back doesn't benefit our friend in the least.
In order to firmly state the justice of Buddhism, we must first defeat the negativity of our own lives, our fear, our weakness in our hearts. Only in this way, can we courageously, in the most natural way conduct a joyful dialogue. A truly sincere courageous mindset will determine the outcome.
E.g. of stating the justice or truth of Buddhism, "I have absolute conviction that this Buddhist practice is good for you, and will definitely bring absolute happiness to your life." Or "As a friend, I want you to be happy. Please try to chant and see the benefits of this practice." Or for those with no problems, "Buddhism doesn't only mean solving your problem, it is meant for you to live out all your dreams. Buddhism is to live an existence of the greatest meaning."

2. Possessing the spirit of "Strong Determination to Shakubuku this person for his/her happiness!
At the end, it is we our hearts that receive the benefit of such training. As long as we have the spirit and strong determination "to enable this person to become absolutely happy", have boundless compassion, unshakable patience and immense courage, we will be able to touch the heart of anyone. (As long as we do it compassionately, no one will be offended. More often than not, they will be touched by our concern and sincerity for them)
E.g. Sensei even led by example, by inviting a hawker outside a Zadankai house to attend the 4 Div Discussion meeting. And he don't even know him. When he came in, he turned around and told the Kamata members, "This is Shakubuku." It must be Sensei embodying a strong courageous heart, deep compassion and sincerity of this person's happiness that enable even a stranger to be able to attend this meeting even when he is meeting Sensei for the first time.

3. Daimoku is the source of all victories (Fen Zhan Zhu Ji).
Chanting for the Absolute Happiness of this friend of yours. GD Mr. Ong once shared, " Why does a person start chanting? It's simply because his Buddhahood has opened. How does his Buddhahood open? It can only be opened by the Gohonzon. And this can only be done, through your chanting of this friend's absolute happiness to the Gohonzon. Only then can your friend's Buddhahood open up and he begins to take up this practice."

(by Seet Teck Kiang, YMD from Alexandra Chapter, Singapore)


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