Exert A 100 Million Aeons Effort in A Single Moment of Life

The irrepressible joy of shakubuku must be shared and here it is! Shakubuku is the noblest and unsurpassed action a person can undertake in life~ It is also the essential action needed for one to reveal the highest and unlimited potential inherent within one's life~ Let's learn about shakubuku together, take action, and do our best as youthful flagbearers of the 21st Century and true disciples of Ikeda Sensei!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Exert A Hundred Million Aeons Of Effort In A Single Moment Of Life

The "great desire for widespread propagation," is the heart of the Gosho. It is also the spiritual pillar of the Daishonin's life.

'Great desire' refers to the boundless wish arising from the Buddha's enlightenment...

In any event, the life-state of Buddhahood and the great desire for widespread propagation are one and the same. It therefore follows that this vast state of life is only manifest in those who strive to actualise kosen-rufu. If we remove ourselves from the struggle to "exert a hundred million aeons of effort in a single moment of life," (Gosho Zenshu, pg 790), towards the realisation of this noble cause, we won't be able to reveal our highest life potential. That 'single moment of life' is what is called 'Buddha' or 'Thus Come One'.

(World of Nichiren Daishonin's Writings Vol 1 pg 7)


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